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Simply Radio
releasedSeptember 2013 (paid, free)
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aboutSimply Radio is the first ever radio app in the App Store that features an analog-like user interface. It uses sophisticated algorithms, a cutting edge audio player and a unique user interface to bring a seamless, easy to use radio playback experience that enable iPhone users to tune in to one or more regions at the same time.
technologyNode JS, Ruby on Rails, iOS SDK 6.0-7.0, TCPNetworking, AVFoundation, Quartz 2D

releasedSeptember 2010/11 (iOS, OSX)
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aboutInstalyrics is used to find lyrics to the song playing on the iPhone. It has the highest lyrics finding success rate in the App Store. It is one of the a very few lyric searching apps that is rated 4 stars. In 2011 Instalyrics for Mac OS X was released and it is today the highest rated lyrics app on the Mac App Store (rated 4.5 stars). Both apps work together and allow users to find lyrics on their iOS device for music playing on their Mac.
technologyRuby on Rails, iOS SDK 4.0-6.0, OSX SDK 10.6-10.8, TCPNetworking, ScriptingBridge, Bonjour

releasedJanuary 2012 (link)
aboutCo-developed with Cloud Engines Inc. Pogoplug for iOS allows the user to access files on the cloud. Open documents, view photo galleries, stream video and audio, and access a fully-indexed music player and playlists.
technologyAVFoundation, CoreData, TCPNetworking, AddressBookUI, AssetsLibrary, AudioToolbox and more.

releasedMarch 2009 (free, platinum)
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aboutiBed is a concept project developed in just a few hours. It's reasoning was the lack of ability to use an iPhone in portrait mode while the device was in landscape orientation, in iOS 3.0 and bellow. The only solution to do this with a non-jailbroken iPhone was to link to web apps. The app was promoted on various blogs and was downloaded over 1/2 million times. Available as free and platinum versions.
technologyiOS SDK 3.0, UIWebView, CoreGraphics, TCPNetworking, StoreKit

releasedDecember 2008 (lite, full)
aboutiBookmark is full featured audio bookmarking app. It's used mainly to add titled bookmarks for lectures, audio books and voice memos. It's designed with emphasis on ease of use and robustness. Available as both lite and full versions.
technologyiOS SDK 2.0/3.0, MediaPlayer, CoreData, StoreKit

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